What Our Clients Are Saying

“Mr. Marinaro’s years of criminal law experience truly helped me in my darkest day. I was accused of a hideous crime, if convicted; it would have ruined my career and well-being. Mr. Marinaro believed in my innocence, and was able to take my case with understanding and compassion. Mr. Marinaro was responsive, professional and personable with me and my family. Mr. Marinaro’s focus on details and methodological approach of my case brought me to my acquittal. This is when I realized you need to fight for the truth because life does not play fair. I am very pleased to have chosen Mr. Marinaro and his staff to have gotten me through that unbearable time. I’m grateful that Mr. Marinaro was there for me as my lawyer. Thank you, Michael.”
Angel M.

“I have known Michael Marinaro professionally and socially for more than 20 years. As a psychologist, I have always respected him and appreciated the quality of work and dedication he devotes to his clients. I have followed his numerous not-guilty verdicts that have been published in the local paper. Recently, Mr. Marinaro represented my son in a drug case. I was greatly impressed with his professionalism and steadfast focus on my son’s case. Mr. Marinaro was very aggressive in gathering information and presenting it to the DA. His overall efforts resulted in the best sentence I could expect given the charges that should have resulted in a mandatory minimum term of state incarceration. My son served no jail time and is now accountable for his action.” J.B

“I had been drinking at a party and got behind the wheel of my car and struck somebody walking along the roadway. I was charged with offenses that had me going to state prison. Not only was Mr. Marinaro able to get the charges reduced, but he got the judge to grant me probation. I will never forget the legal magic he worked for me during that point in my life. If you are in a serious situation, I highly recommend calling Mr. Marinaro immediately before you make your situation worse.”
Larry S.

“I was in serious need of an attorney to handle my divorce and custody case. Marinaro Law Firm gave me direction, education and peace of mind when I turned to them for assistance. Attorney Michael McHale was patient, sensitive to my needs, and was extremely knowledgeable in family law. I walked into his office completely confused and terrified and walked out with confidence knowing that my children and I were going to be just fine. I’m completely satisfied with the results. I’m now empowered to move on with my children. I am so thankful for the services provided and I would recommend that anyone with a family law case turn to Michael McHale and this law office — they were terrific. The fees charged were reasonable. Michael was worth every penny. Thank you for handling my case with style and class.”
Jane Z.

“I am an anxious person by nature and when I was arrested last year I thought that my life was over. The charges were very serious and I felt helpless, devastated and embarrassed. I felt like I had tarnished my family’s name, as well as my future employment prospects. After explaining the circumstances that led to my arrest, Attorney Marinaro told me that the charges, while serious, were defensible. When I left his office, I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders and I knew I was putting my faith in the best possible lawyer. He won my case and even though I remained somewhat anxious until the verdict was read, the confidence Attorney Marinaro instilled in me gave me hope throughout the entire process. His frequent reassurances made the difficult experience less painful. I will always be grateful to Attorney Marinaro and his staff, especially Faith, and I would highly, highly, highly recommend him to anyone looking for an intelligent, creative, determined and skilled attorney.”

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