Domestic Violence Cases

My office has represented people charged in Domestic Violence Assaults with ever increasing frequency these days. Police and prosecutors seem to be more and more aggressive in charging and prosecuting these cases by the day. In many of theses Domestic Violence Assault cases, the alleged victim refuses to cooperate with the prosecution. Alleged victims will often recant the allegations that they made on the date of the incident, refuse to come to court, even when they have been summoned or, if the couple is married, invoke the marital privilege and refuse to testify.

There are many reasons why alleged victims do this including that the couple has reconciled their relationship, the defendant is primarily the breadwinner in the family which often means if he goes to jail his family is devastated financially, or that the charges were fabricated in the first place. It is hard for some to believe that someone would fabricate charges against another person but unfortunately it happens all the time.

Should you or your loved one face a similar situation call Marinaro Law Firm for Aggressive, Knowledgeable and Competent representation in dealing these types of cases.

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