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Divorce Should Not Leave One Party Destitute

Divorcing couples will often have to reach an agreement regarding spousal maintenance. While people often refer to alimony or spousal support, these terms refer to a specific stage in Pennsylvania.

  • Spousal support is paid by the more financially independent spouse to the less financially independent spouse from the date of separation until either party files a divorce complaint.
  • Alimony pendente lite is support that is paid in the second stage of the divorce proceeding. This alimony is paid from the date that the divorce complaint is filed until the divorce has been finalized. In this way, both spouses remain financially stable throughout the divorce proceeding.
  • Alimony is financial support that is paid after the divorce has been finalized. The amount is typically set for a finite period of time, allowing the less financially independent spouse time to reenter the job market or seek additional schooling or job training. The determination of alimony typically considers several factors such as the length of the marriage, income disparity and whether one spouse has a physical or mental disability that impacts earning capacity.

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