Getting Pulled Over Is Just The Beginning

Don’t Give Up

A DUI is a common charge that nevertheless can have devastating consequences. Luckily, you don’t have to accept the worst-case scenario punishment. Depending on what happened in your case, there may ways to fight back against the potentially harsh penalties, which can include loss of your license, an ignition interlock device, and even limited job, housing and educational opportunities. Don’t plead guilty just to get it over with. Contact our Lancaster, Pennsylvania, firm first and find out if there’s a better way.

Options For Your Defense

Police must follow specific protocol when making a DUI arrest. If they breach this protocol, you may have the grounds for a successful defense against the charge. We can analyze the circumstances of your arrest and determine if there are weaknesses in the procedure your arresting officer followed when you were pulled over.

Even if you did a breath test that came back over the limit, you still may have a defense based on the state of the Breathalyzer. Did the police officer calibrate it and operate it correctly? If the machine that police depend on for charging you with DUI is unreliable, is it fair that you should be facing charges at all? These are some of the issues we will examine when we take on your case. Don’t give up hope. Talk to an attorney first.

Contact A Lawyer

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