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Sex offender registry requirements

Over the last few decades, states all across the country - including Pennsylvania - have established programs that require people convicted of various sexual offenses to register as sexual offenders. These registry programs may vary from state to state but all are essentially ways in which these defendants are monitored by law enforcement and even may provide some ability for members of the public to know who they are and where they live.

Supreme Court denies delay on bump stock ban

Over the past nine years, approximately 500,000 Americans, some in Pennsylvania, legally purchased bump stocks, devices that allow semiautomatic weapons to function like machine guns. Following several high-profile mass shooting events, including one in Las Vegas in which a gunman fired a total of 1,100 rounds and killed 59 people, the U.S. Department of Justice ruled in favor of a bump stock ban in December 2018. The ban went into effect on Tuesday, and now it is a felony to own the devices. American bump stock owners now must either destroy them or turn them in to authorities. 

What is a RICO violation?

Should you find yourself facing federal charges in Pennsylvania for having committed a RICO violation, you may well wonder just exactly what illegal acts the government alleges you committed. The U.S. Department of Justice states that Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act in 1970 to provide federal investigators and prosecutors with the tools they required to go after Mafia racketeering.

Different types of terrorism

Pennsylvanian residents may not be aware of this, but there are distinct classes for different types of behavior or actions that could be considered terrorism. This can be important to know, since anyone can end up facing charges for terrorism, even if they aren't terrorists.

Know the facts about arson

When Pennsylvania residents hear the term "playing with fire," they may not think about arson. However, this offense is a serious one and people who commit this crime may find themselves facing felony charges.

Confrontation over animal cruelty results in Altoona man's arrest

It may be easy for many in Lancaster to claim that they would always be able to think clearly and act appropriately in any situation. However, when confronted with a high-stress scenario, those same people may be surprised to see how quickly fear, doubt and frustration can get the best of them and cause them to act in ways that they normally would not. If such actions escalate to the point of being criminal, the hope is that the mitigating factors that led to them will be considered before assigning fault. 

What are your Miranda rights?

If you watch cop shows in Pennsylvania or read crime novels, you are probably familiar with the standard recitation that police typically give when advising an arrestee of his or her Miranda rights. You may not have ever given this much thought, but if the police ever arrest you on criminal charges, you need to be aware of your Miranda rights. According to FindLaw, if police do not advise you of your Miranda rights prior to questioning you, the evidence obtained from the questioning is not admissible in court. 

High Court ruling paves way for charges against clergy

When most residents in Pennsylvania think about a person accused of a criminal offense may have a stereotype in their mind about that person. The profile is not often likely to involve someone considered responsible or in a position of power. The thought that a religious figure be charged with a crime may be even further from their minds. That, however, may well change soon.

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