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Debate among impaired driving due to pot

Since Colorado first legalized the use of recreational marijuana for adults in 2013, a handful of other states have followed suit. Some states have tried to legalize pot for adults but failed, although it may well be that future attempts could be successful. So far in Pennsylvania, only medical marijuana is legal but some cities have found ways to take their own, more liberal, approach to the matter.

What are the consequences of teens sharing drugs?

It happens every day throughout Pennsylvania and the country as a whole — teens meet after school or on the weekends at local parks, in basements or at parties to smoke marijuana or get high on other controlled substances together. If you are like most parents, you say, "Not my kid," but the truth is, teens can access drugs easier than ever before. According to Psychology Today, a large number of teens report having drugs brought right to their front doors while their parents are home. Others admit to buying their drugs on the internet and receiving them via mail. If law enforcement catches your teen sharing his or her drugs, the state may not charge him or her with simple possession. Rather, your teen may face drug distribution charges.

How are drug charges changing in Pennsylvania?

There are many changes across the country when it comes to drugs. Many states have started to decriminalize marijuana, with some making it completely legal. In other states, there have been some moves to help lessen the charges and penalties for drug crimes. In Pennsylvania, according to York Daily Record, a drug conviction used to lead to a driver's license suspension, but that is changing.

What kind of drugs might you see at college?

When you start college in Pennsylvania, you may think the only questionable substance you will encounter is alcohol. However, there are many substances you might encounter on a college campus and some of them can have serious consequences for your health, as well as lead to possible drug charges.

What should you know about marijuana in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is one of many states that allow you to purchase marijuana for medical reasons. However, there are still strict limitations regarding the sale, purchase, and consumption of this plant. Breaking laws related to marijuana can still result in steep penalties.

What differentiates medical from recreational marijuana?

Pennsylvania is a state in which medical marijuana is legal, but recreational marijuana is not. Marinaro Law Firm is here to help you differentiate between these two types of marijuana as well as explain the potential repercussions still tied to illegal marijuana possession.

Am I responsible for my own addiction?

Pennsylvania's Lancaster area maybe nationally known for its bucolic farmland and traditional communities, but residents know that there is also a thriving commercial and academic center in the city itself. And, as you are likely aware, with modern convenience also often comes some of the temptations of contemporary society.

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