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Drug laws: Possession, punishment and defense - Part 3 of 3

Having a drug conviction on your record can affect future job opportunities, acceptance into university programs, and even getting approved for a good apartment. Since drug laws in Pennsylvania are very strict, it is important to have a strong defense to fight against the charges. In order to win a drug charge case, the prosecutor must prove beyond a doubt that you knew you possessed an illegal substance.

Drug laws: Possession, punishment and defense - Part 2 of 3

After receiving a drug possession charge, you may be wondering what kind of punishments you might face if the court convicts you. As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, penalties will often depend on the type of drug possession that occurred. If the court has charged you with possession for personal consumption, the penalties will be much less severe than if it charged you with possession with intent to distribute.

Drug laws: Possession, punishment and defense - Part 1 of 3

It seemed like a simple solution to your back pain. Your close friend offered you some muscle relaxers and painkillers to get you by until you were able to go see a doctor. However, during a traffic stop, a police officer discovered the prescription drugs and charged you with the illegal possession of narcotics. Now you are wondering what to do next.

Possible defenses for drug possession charges

It was a typical Friday night. You picked up a couple of friends and were planning to watch the game at your favorite dive bar. Unfortunately, a cop pulled you over for speeding and the next thing you knew, the handcuffs were on and you being put into the back of a squad car.

Pennsylvania may be next state to legalize pot

Pennsylvania residents have been watching other states over the past several years as some have elected to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Certainly this is not yet the common practice in the majority of states but what started in Colorado and Washington has grown beyond that. It is only logical that the discussion about legalized pot should arise in other states as well.

Drug courts in Pennsylvania

If you have been arrested and charged with any type of crime related to drugs in Pennsylvania, you will have many questions. Among the things you should learn about is how the drug courts in Pennsylvania approach these types of cases. Drug courts can work with offenses related to illegal substances such as heroin or cocaine as well as legal substances such as prescription drugs.

Oroville post office worker one of four facing drug charges

Pennsylvania residents who have been arrested and charged with drug crimes can be subject to serious penalties if they are convicted. However, it is always important for people in this type of situation to remember that they are guaranteed the right to a criminal defense. Just because they have been arrested does not mean that they will ultimately be found guilty.

Court Upholds Drug Delivery Resulting In Death Charge

Last month the Superior Court of Pennsylvania rejected a challenge to the charge known as "drug delivery resulting in death," which means that the state will not have to prove that a defendant intended for a victim to die as a result of drugs the defendant administered to the deceased. The Pennsylvania legislature revised the charge in 2011; previously the charge was considered a type of third-degree murder, which would require proof of intent to murder (albeit not premeditation) for conviction. With the current wording of the charge, the state only has to prove that the defendant acted recklessly - not that he or she intended to cause death - in order to secure a conviction. 

Pennsylvania Has Highest Rate of Overdose Death for Young Men

Men between the ages of 19 and 25 in Pennsylvania die of overdose at a rate higher than in any other state in the U.S., according to a recent study by the Trust for America's Health, a non-profit health organization. The Philadelphia Enquirer reports that Pennsylvania has a drug-related mortality rate of 30.3 per 100,000 young adult male residents, and that within the state, rates are highest in the suburban counties of Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware. 

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