Pennsylvania parents like you already have a lot to deal with when divorcing. You must manage household affairs, divide assets and property and handle the parenting situation. You must determine visitation schedules, custody, child support and more. 

On top of that, you want to ensure that your child is not left with irreversible mental damage due to the divorce. Is there a right time to break the news or a right way to do it? 

Tell your child sooner rather than later

Psychology Today takes a look at ways you can break the news of divorce to your child. First, get rid of the notion that there is a right time or place to tell them. Unfortunately, divorce is a painful topic and it will always remain as such. You cannot eliminate all pain it will cause. You can, however, limit it. 

First, tell your child sooner rather than later. This gives them more time to process the news and prepare for the changes ahead. Children often have a fear of the unknown and a dislike of surprises when it comes to divorce news. It is better to get as much as you can out in the open. 

Know what to say and what to hold back

Do not oversaturate them with information, though. Tell them what they need to know and break it down in a way that they can understand, whatever their age is. Keep said age along with their maturity level and personality in mind. Also, do not go into the personal nitty-gritty details of divorce. These are not facts your child needs. 

Cooperating with your co-parent is one way to get this done smoothly. When you are on the same page, transfer of information goes much better.