Spousal support, or alimony, is one of the many concerns that must be resolved during the divorce process. Helping divorcing couples understand how it is determined can also help them navigate a request for spousal support during their divorce.

There are different types of spousal support that may be awarded during a divorce in Pennsylvania. In circumstances when the divorce court determines an alimony award is reasonable, it may be awarded based on a variety of relevant factors. It is necessary to determine the nature of the alimony award; the amount of the alimony award; the duration of the alimony award; and how the alimony payments will be made.

Factors that are used to consider a request for spousal support include the earning capacities and relative earnings of the divorcing spouses; sources of income; the ages and mental, physical and emotional conditions of the divorcing spouses; the duration of the marriage; the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage; the relative needs of each of the divorcing spouses; the assets, liabilities and property brought to the marriage by either of the divorcing spouses; and if one of the divorcing spouses had fewer earnings because of their care children and the home.

The family law process provides resources to help divorcing couples sort out their divorce-related concerns including spousal support. Divorce can be a difficult and emotional time for everyone involved which is why knowledge of the spousal support process, as one important aspect of a divorce, is valuable to have.