Pennsylvanian parents who have gotten a divorce will likely have a child support payment order worked out. But what can be done if the financial circumstances of one or both parent changes? Can the support payments be changed, too?

The Office of Child Support Enforcement takes a look at some of the laws specific to Pennsylvania when it comes to changing a child support order. For example, in Pennsylvania, there may be some fees involved with having a support order changed. If a parent is incarcerated, they will also need to make a phone appearance at a DRS conference to modify the support arrangement. Requesting modification involves calling, writing, or visiting the DRS specifically handling one’s case.

FindLaw states that there can be different paths to the modification of child support payments. In some cases, parents both agree that changes need to be made. This is the easier and faster route, as it allows the DRS office to draft a change to the modification while both parents sign off on it. After going to the court for approval, the changes will be put into effect. If one parent does not agree to changes, however, the courts may become more deeply involved. It could be up to them to draft the modifications and approve or deny them.

Flexibility is important in child support, as not all financial situations will stay the same forever. Knowing how to modify in the case of an emergency can save both parental figures undue financial and emotional stress.