Since Colorado first legalized the use of recreational marijuana for adults in 2013, a handful of other states have followed suit. Some states have tried to legalize pot for adults but failed, although it may well be that future attempts could be successful. So far in Pennsylvania, only medical marijuana is legal but some cities have found ways to take their own, more liberal, approach to the matter.

In Philadelphia, for example, a person found possessing a small amount of marijuana would not be charged with a crime. This decriminalization is just one step forward on the part of those in power in Philadelphia. The District Attorney in that city has come out vocally in opposition to the head of the state’s District Attorneys Association when it comes to pot and driving under the influence offenses.

As reported by The Inquirer, the president of the professional association believes that any driver found to have even the slightest trace of cannabis in their system should be charged with a DUI. The Philadelphia District Attorney, however, does not agree. In fact, the District Attorney has indicated that the city of Philadelphia will not pursue criminal DUI charges against drivers with cannabis in their system unless it can be proven that the levels of cannabis were high enough to impair the driver.

It has not yet been made clear what level of THC the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office might consider high enough to result in impairment but it is important for people in the city to be aware of this approach.