Pennsylvanian residents like you may spend a good portion of your travel times in a car. Even if you abide by the laws generally speaking, there may be instances in which you are accused of breaking one or more of them. This can lead to damaging consequences that Marinaro Law Firm will work to defend you from.

Depending on what sort of accusation you are facing, you will likely be accused of either a road-related infraction, or a misdemeanor. While you can also be charged with a felony for road-related crimes, these are usually in very severe cases. As an example, negligent driving leading to the injury or death of another individual can be classed as a felony.

Infractions are what people are most likely to deal with on a daily basis. This sort of charge includes things like speeding, parking in areas that disallow it, not stopping completely at a stop sign, or running a red light. Many people simply pay these tickets, unaware or uncaring of the fact that it is admitting to a criminal charge.

Roadway misdemeanors, on the other hand, are usually more serious accusations. They include reckless driving and moving violations like weaving through traffic or threatening other drivers.

No matter what sort of road-related charge you may be facing, it is important to have strong representation in court. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make it easier to fight against any misdemeanor charges, infractions, or even felony accusations that you might be up against. Take a look at our webpage on misdemeanors, linked here, to read more about it.