In Pennsylvania, there are numerous types of charges that are related to theft crimes. Not all of them carry the same weight, either. Marinaro Law Firm is here to illustrate important differences in two types of theft crime: burglary and robbery.

Generally speaking, robbery is the charge that will come with the most severe consequences. Why, exactly? Because burglary by definition simply means that you have entered a building or property unlawfully. Robbery, on the other hand, means that force – or even the threat of force – was used while the theft was taking place.

In essence, if someone were to break into an empty home and steal items, this is considered robbery. If a bank is held up, this is considered robbery as the person did not enter any area that was restricted or private property. If the accused were to enter a locked location and hold someone hostage for money, this could be both robbery and burglary.

The penalties faced after being charged with robbery can vary depending on whether or not the use of force caused any severe injuries. You could be dealing with fines, jail time, probation, restitution, or community service. The more severe any potential injuries were, the heftier the penalty will be.

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