Pennsylvanian residents who are facing DUI-related charges will likely want to know about ignition interlocking devices as well. These devices can be installed in the car of anyone convicted of a DUI-related crime, even if it’s a first time offense. is a good resource for all things related to ignition interlock devices. This site talks about safety statistics first, examining the dangers that drunk driving poses. This includes the number of fatalities that occur every day because of drunk driving. 

Due to the severity of drunk driving and the related potential consequences, all 50 states have some sort of ignition interlock law in place. Out of those states, 15 of them require an ignition interlock even if it’s your first offense. Pennsylvania is not one of those 15 states, but a judge can still determine that you should have an ignition interlock installed in your car.

According to statistics, ignition interlock devices are currently considered underutilized. There is a move going on to implement it more often, as it’s shown to cut down on the number of fatalities due to drunk drivers on the road. Unfortunately, these devices also make many users feel uncomfortable and unfairly monitored. There are dangerous ways to get around these devices as well, making it difficult to truly see how helpful they are.

If you are facing the possibility of having an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, consider speaking with an experienced attorney. They can help you figure out how to tackle your case when you take it to court.