Residents in Pennsylvania know and understand the importance of keeping people safe when on the roads, freeways or highways. However, it is also important that the rights of all citizens are properly protected and respected. During primary holiday times, it is not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to set up checkpoints in certain locations designed to scout out drivers who are drunk. To some, this might feel a bit like being hunted out by police.

These driving under the influence checkpoints appear to be somewhat effective if you consider a large number of arrests a measure of effectiveness. The York Dispatch indicates that in York County on the day after Thanksgiving alone, a total of 16 people were arrested and charged with drunk driving offenses by the state police. One of those 16 was also arrested a second time not long after being let out of custody but it is not known what the second arrest was for.

CBS Pittsburgh reported that across Butler, Armstrong and Allegheny Counties, the state police made a total of nine drunk driving arrests over the course of the five days starting on November 21. These arrests were made after stopping nearly 200 motorists at established checkpoints. It is not known exactly what criteria the state police used in determining which vehicles to stop or if every vehicle that passed through the checkpoint was stopped.

In addition to drunk driving arrests, multiple drivers were charged with drug offenses including possession of marijuana and crystal meth. Other drivers were cited for various traffic infractions.