Pennsylvanian residents live in a state that takes DUI charges very seriously. If you have been accused of driving while impaired, you will likely be facing a number of harsh possible penalties that can severely alter your life if you’re convicted.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation examines impaired driving in the state. First, they break down the cost factors. You aren’t just going to be looking at a traffic ticket in many cases. You’ll also need to factor in things like legal fees, impound costs, license restoration, and the cost of rehabilitation or education. Not only that, but your insurance premium will likely skyrocket, too. In the end, you could be looking at an expenditure of thousands of dollars.

You should also be aware that Pennsylvania is a zero tolerance state. What does this mean? If you’re below the legal drinking age, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t blow a 0.08 on the breath analysis test. Any trace of alcohol could be grounds for your arrest and revocation of your license if you’re found guilty.

Law enforcement in Pennsylvania works hard to crack down on impaired drivers. You can expect patrols to be out very frequently, and officers are on the lookout for signs of impaired driving. This can include:

  • Weaving
  • Speeding or driving slowly
  • Tailgating or other aggressive driving behaviors
  • Sudden stops
  • Missing traffic signals or lights

If you have been pulled over by an officer and accused of driving while under the influence, you will likely need an experienced attorney to help you through the legal process. Consider speaking to one as soon as you’re able to get an idea of where to start.