In Pennsylvania, drug-related crimes are treated very seriously. Marinaro Law Firm has worked with many people who are up against drug charges and understand all too well that your entire future could hinge on the outcome of your trial.

A criminal record can affect your life in more ways than you may initially think. For example, it’s common knowledge that if you get charged with a DUI (driving while under the influence), you could lose your license or have it suspended. But did you know that a criminal record can even determine things like the jobs you get, the schools you can attend, and even your housing?

Everyone from school administration staff to potential future employers and landlords will be able to look at your criminal record. If you’re convicted of a drug-related crime, no matter what it is, it will likely show up either as a felony or misdemeanor on your record. Some employers may not even bother to see what the charge was for: simply seeing that you have a record could be enough to dissuade them. Likewise, it could be hard for you to get jobs that involve driving in any way. You may even be turned down when applying for apartments.

Regardless of what sort of crime you’re being accused of committing or what drug-related charge you’re faced with, you can still benefit from the support of a professional. Take a look at our webpage on drug possession charges here to get an idea of where to start, and consider contacting us if you would like to discuss your case.