If you’ve recently gone through a divorce in Pennsylvania, you may be experiencing a lot of tumultuous emotions. Working to get your life back on track is crucial in this case, whether that entails overcoming past regrets or transforming the look of your home. Psychology Today offers the following surprising tips on how you can bounce back after a divorce.

Don’t worry about things you can’t control

You’re bound to feel badly about things that transpired during your marriage. However, remind yourself that many of things are well out of your control now, and you can’t go back to do things differently. Lingering on past mistakes or regrets will only prolong your grief and will also get in the way of healing in the future. Instead, make a promise to yourself to leave the past behind and move forward with your new life.

Set new life goals

In the same token, try to set new personal goals for yourself as motivation. When creating goals, don’t just imagine the end result; instead, think about what you’d like to achieve and devise a strategy for getting there. For instance, if you’d like to meet new people, look for meet ups around your city and plan on attending one or two. It’s also helpful if you put your goals down on paper and tick them off as they’re completed.

Make peace with the transition

Your new life will most likely not be anything like your married life. While this can be jarring at first, it’s important to make peace with this transition and embrace what’s to come with open arms. Think about the things that used to define you before getting married, whether they were hobbies, sports, arts and crafts, causes, or any other facets of your identity. Now may be a great time to revisit these interests and work towards becoming a brand new person.