Recently, there have been quite a few cases and convictions involving heroin in Lancaster County and Pennsylvania in general. Prosecutors seem to work overtime on these cases, pursuing those accused of drug possession or trafficking to the extent of the law.

Is not uncommon to find a single drug possession incident that results in a long list of charges. These could be difficult to understand at first, seemingly abstract when written out on a court order. However, the consequences are often all too real.

Earlier this year, for example, courts sentenced a high-profile Lancaster heroin trafficker. According to the website of the United States Department of Justice, the conviction resulted in 20 years of prison and 8 years of supervised release for all of the charges.

A more recent event in Ephrata could also result in significant, long-term ramifications for those involved. A couple faces multiple charges, including possession with intent to deliver heroin. Local 21 News reports a collective bail of 1 million dollars.

It is possible that the individuals involved in this more recent raid could wait years for a final court decision. This delay between the incident and the conclusion of litigation is not uncommon. Some cases end by other means, such as the prosecution dropping the charges, the judge dismissing the case or an agreement on the part of the defense to plead guilty to an agreed-upon set of charges. The most advantageous option for an accused person would probably only be evident after a thorough analysis of all the articles and testimony pertaining to the case.