Pennsylvania’s Lancaster area maybe nationally known for its bucolic farmland and traditional communities, but residents know that there is also a thriving commercial and academic center in the city itself. And, as you are likely aware, with modern convenience also often comes some of the temptations of contemporary society.

Some people are able to resist these influences, but you would have a hard time doing so if you were a victim of addiction. Substance dependence is often a direct result of a psychological or physiological status that makes you more vulnerable to drug problems. It would not make sense to sit back and allow a criminal proceeding to ruin your chance at recovery if you suffer from a disease you have no control over.

If you were an addict, you would probably want to turn your life around and avoid the long-term consequences of a drug conviction. These could include a criminal record and possible jail time. The good news: The law could allow you to do this in certain cases. However, you would probably need to wholeheartedly accept help if you wanted the best possible chance at success.

Luckily, there are organizations in the Lancaster community with the sole purpose of preventing and treating addiction. Check the Lancaster County Hub of the Global Outreach for Addiction Leadership and Learning website for a list of community services, treatment centers and support groups.

In addition to seeking help, it would probably be necessary for you to make sure that the state understood your desire to change. There are formal ways of doing this, but each case is different. The results may be more or less effective based on various factors, such as any previous criminal record. Please do not view this as legal advice. It is only background information for the subject.