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Justice system problems are difficult to combat

There are many things that can be improved in the criminal justice system in this country. Many problems are within the prison system itself, which is difficult for some to understand since they might not have first-hand experience. Criminal justice system reform is complex, but making a difference is possible.

Confrontation over animal cruelty results in Altoona man's arrest

It may be easy for many in Lancaster to claim that they would always be able to think clearly and act appropriately in any situation. However, when confronted with a high-stress scenario, those same people may be surprised to see how quickly fear, doubt and frustration can get the best of them and cause them to act in ways that they normally would not. If such actions escalate to the point of being criminal, the hope is that the mitigating factors that led to them will be considered before assigning fault. 

Am I responsible for my own addiction?

Pennsylvania's Lancaster area maybe nationally known for its bucolic farmland and traditional communities, but residents know that there is also a thriving commercial and academic center in the city itself. And, as you are likely aware, with modern convenience also often comes some of the temptations of contemporary society.

How can I bounce back after my divorce?

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce in Pennsylvania, you may be experiencing a lot of tumultuous emotions. Working to get your life back on track is crucial in this case, whether that entails overcoming past regrets or transforming the look of your home. Psychology Today offers the following surprising tips on how you can bounce back after a divorce.

How can I get treatment for alcohol issues?

The state of Pennsylvania takes drunk driving charges very seriously. Along with the legal ramifications, getting into trouble for drunk driving may also indicate a serious issue with substance abuse. WebMD explains the different treatment options that are available, so you can determine which option works best for you.

How can you tell if you are being stalked?

Few things are as frightening as being involved in an abusive relationship. You might have ended a romantic relationship and felt like you escaped, only to realize that the ordeal is not yet over. Like many other Pennsylvania residents, you could find yourself the target of stalking by an ex-spouse, a former flame or someone who developed an unhealthy interest in you. Understandably, you may want to know how to make this terrifying behavior stop.

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