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How will divorce affect your taxes?

Pennsylvanian couples have a lot to consider during and after a divorce. In the heat of the moment, long-term changes may be forgotten. For example, after getting a divorce from your spouse, you will have changes to your tax exemptions and filing status that may affect your potential tax return.

Breaking down shoplifting

Pennsylvanian residents, especially the younger ones, may know about the recent shoplifting "trend". Younger people are stealing from stores for thrill or as a form of supposed protest against corporations. However, this theft affects real businesses and employees, and those who steal may not get off as lightly as they seem to believe.

The basics of curfew laws

As Pennsylvania youths get older, they may love the thought of staying out later at night. As a parent, you know that teenagers may not always consider curfew laws and what might happen if these laws are broken. At the Marinaro Law Firm, we are committed to helping you and your teenagers understand their options if your teens find themselves in trouble with the law.

Is the BAC limit ever going to drop below 0.08?

The BAC limit across the United States is 0.08 percent. When you go over that limit, you can get arrested for drunk driving. Now, you can also get a DUI even when you are under the limit -- if the alcohol clearly impairs your ability to drive or if you work as a commercial driver, for instance. But most people look to that 0.08 percent limit as the amount they do not want to exceed.

Can I spend child support on whatever I want?

When you became the custodial parent after your divorce and began receiving child support payments, you might have received some unsolicited advice from others. A fellow single parent might have said you can spend child support on non-essentials. Your mother may have advised you to use the money for food and clothing for the children. Your ex might be asking you for receipts and giving you specific instructions on how to spend the money. Understandably, you and other Pennsylvania parents may wonder how free you are to spend child support as you wish.

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