As a driver in Pennsylvania who has had your license suspended, you understand exactly how crippling this can be to your everyday life. It can impact your ability to commute, job hunt, look for new housing, and have a social life. Fortunately, there are ways that you can restore your driving privileges. 

The official website of the Pennsylvanian state government has a page dedicated to what you can do in order to restore your driving privileges. First, you will need to meet the state restoration requirements. Your requirements may be different from the requirements of other drivers. It depends on what infraction caused your license to be suspended, whether or not this is your first time offense, and other factors. Generally speaking, the lighter the crime, the more likely you are to be eligible for license restoration.

Your requirements and the steps you’ll need to follow to restore your driving privileges will be sent to you by PennDOT. You will be able to view the requirement letter online, or through the post about 30 days before your date of eligibility. Though the letter is provided at no cost, there may still be fees associated with your license restoration. You will also only have a certain amount of time to complete the process.

If you have had your license suspended and want to look into potential options for restoring your ability to drive, you may also want to speak with an attorney. They can help walk you through the restoration process so you know what to expect.