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How can you restore your driving privileges?

As a driver in Pennsylvania who has had your license suspended, you understand exactly how crippling this can be to your everyday life. It can impact your ability to commute, job hunt, look for new housing, and have a social life. Fortunately, there are ways that you can restore your driving privileges. 

Modifying a child support order is worth the trouble

Making the transition into a single parent raising a child separately from your ex is often much more difficult than you might expect. The problem can be complicated if you owe a significant child support obligation. In some cases, parents are assigned child support obligations that are not easy to maintain. Some parents choose to deal with this by working out a handshake deal with the other parent to avoid having to deal with the courts.

DUI checkpoint effectiveness unclear

Most residents in Pennsylvania have heard reports about local law enforcement groups setting up special areas to scout for suspected drunk drivers. Often referred to as sobriety checkpoints, these areas can find traffic lanes coned off and vehicles stopped and question by officers before drivers are allowed to proceed. Those persons suspected of being impaired may be tested for suspected driving under the influence.

Reclaiming financial health after a divorce

A divorce is said to be one of the most emotionally difficult experiences a person in Pennsylvania might encounter in their lifetime. However, the impact of a divorce can extend far beyond the loss of a partner and even friends that choose to go with the former spouse but to the lost financial assets and stability that one previously enjoyed. There may be no way around the fact that divorce can be a hard financial blow but it is possible to move forward and making a good plan is step number one in doing just this.

Jail nurse sentenced to 23 months

People in Pennsylvania who are charged with criminal offenses may find that entering into a plea agreement is a reasonable option for them. This may happen whether they are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. A plea agreement does not necessarily mean that a person will not experience some penalty but the outcome may be less severe than otherwise depending on the nature of the deal.

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