In order to keep the general public safe, Pennsylvania has some strict firearm laws. Unfortunately, this means that you might end up breaking one of these complex and extensive laws without even realizing it. Here at Marinaro Law Firm, we work to protect your firearm rights in the face of potential revocation.

Having the ability to carry a gun in Pennsylvania comes with a lot of responsibilities and rules. However, you may not necessarily be aware of them. For example, did you know that it’s illegal to carry or possess a firearm on school property even if you have a permit?

There are also many laws regulating selling or trading your firearms. If you don’t abide by them closely, you could be opening yourself up for firearms charges. Likewise, possessing a firearm that has illegally been modified can be met with severe consequences.

You may even be charged with firearm-related misdemeanors if you possess a firearm while being charged with another crime, even if that firearm was not used or even present during the supposed crime in question. This can apply to accusations of crimes like burglary, domestic violence, or driving while intoxicated. Simply being a felon also makes possessing a firearm illegal.

If you have been charged with any sort of firearms violation, then you know that you must do whatever necessary to protect your gun holding rights. Take a look at our web page on criminal sentencing and misdemeanors, linked above. It will guide you through possible defenses and ways that you can combat the charges you face.