When you receive a driver’s license in Pennsylvania, you need to know that the state has the ability to suspend your license if you amass a certain number of points. Points are added to your driving record when you are cited for various traffic infractions. The number of points added to your license may vary based upon the nature of the infraction. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, most citations result in two or three points being added to your license but some offenses will add four or even five points at one time.

Drivers who are 16 or 17 years old may face a license suspension after receiving only six points on their licenses. Drivers who are 18 or older may face suspension after they receive 11 points on their licenses. Points may fall off of your record over time if you do not add any other offenses. Some points may also be removed for adult drivers after passing written or driving tests or after serving some suspension periods.

The length of time that your driver’s license might be suspended may depend in part on how many prior license suspensions you have had and how many points are on your record at the time of your current suspension period.

If you would like to learn more about how the state assigns or tracks points on your driver’s license and how you can manage your right to drive, please feel free to visit the traffic offense page of our Pennsylvania criminal defense website.