It is understandable that many people in Pennsylvania may feel as though all hope is lost after they have been convicted of a crime by a judge or a jury. However, it is vital that defendants remember that the criminal justice system guarantees them the right to fair treatment and a fair and full defense. In some cases, this involves the appeal of an original verdict or even the request to overturn a decision that has already been handed down.

An example of how this might come to be can be seen in the case of a man currently sentenced to death for his role in the death of one man and the injury of another. The event took place in the autumn of 2014. At issue today is not whether or not the defendant is innocent of the charges against him but whether or not the prosecution team involving interragators after his arrest treated him fairly.

Reports indicate that the defendant indicated he did not want to answer questions without his attorney present yet the attorney who had been hired on his behalf was denied the ability to be present during questioning for at least three hours. The defense team also asserts that the amount of testimony allowed during the trial was excessive and may have left the jury biased against the defendant.

When faced with the possibility that the criminal justice system may not have been allowed to be fairly followed, people in Pennsylvania may wish to speak with a lawyer to learn how to protect their rights.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, “Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Hear Eric Frein Appeal in Ambush Attack that Killed Trooper,” Mark Scolforo, May 17, 2018