When Pennsylvania residents are convicted of a misdemeanor, they may not consider how this will affect their job search. However, this conviction typically shows up in background checks and it is important for people to know how they should handle this charge as they look for jobs.

Some people may want to target smaller companies in their job search. According to Forbes, small companies may be willing to overlook a misdemeanor conviction and managers may recognize that this conviction does not necessarily affect the way people will perform their jobs. Additionally, a small company might not always perform a background check. However, it is usually best if people disclose their misdemeanor conviction. If employers do not run a background check, they usually prefer to learn this kind of information from the applicant before this person is hired.

Sometimes it may be possible for a misdemeanor conviction to be removed from someone’s record. Chron.com says that people may be able to petition a court for a pardon for the conviction. This may not be an option for everyone, so it is important to know what to say when an employer asks about the conviction. It is usually best if people show potential employers how they have changed. Some people may have been required to go to rehab or take classes to help them learn from their behavior. People should usually explain what they learned from this experience and how they have put that kind of behavior behind them.

Sometimes people may be able to explain why they were charged with a misdemeanor. It is typically best if someone does not blame the people he or she was with when the incident occurred or say that he or she was convicted unfairly. Instead, people should usually be honest about the way their behavior contributed to the misdemeanor charge. If people have maintained a clean record since the conviction, they should usually make sure employers are aware of this.