Pennsylvania residents have all but been bombarded with stories in the media lately about men in positions of power being accused of inappropriately wielding that power over young women. These acts most commonly include allegations of sexual misconduct in some form and most of them happened many years ago and even many decades ago yet it is only now that the women involved are brining the topics up.

These stories are not simply confined to the worlds of Hollywood or major news studios but are arising in areas more common to the everyday person. One such example can be seen in the case of a man who had served as a coach for the women’s rowing team at the University of Pennsylvania from 1981 until 1984. A woman who is now 53 years old has come out publicly to accuse the man of coercing her into a long-term sexual relationship when he was her coach and she was a young student at the university.

The pair’s relationship is said to have spanned about a year and a half and the woman herself admits considering it a completely consensual one at the time. It is only now after all these years and among the many other stories being told or alleged by other woman that this particular woman has decided the relationship was inappropriate. The man has recently resigned from his professional position. It is not clear if criminal charges will be levied at this time.

Anyone in Pennsylvania who finds themselves suddenly accused of potentially illegal actions might want to contact an attorney for guidance on how to protect themselves. 

Source: Standard-Speaker, “Tamaqua Area board president quits state post amid sex claims,” Tricia Nadolny, December 22, 2017