Many people in Pennsylvania may well be used to public notices or campaigns about getting a designated driver or not drinking if they are driving over holidays. However, it is not just holidays like New Year’s Day or the Fourth of July that are capturing the attention of public advocacy groups and law enforcement agencies. Thanksgiving has been designated a prime danger when it comes to drinking and driving and that had led Pennsylvania law enforcement to take action.

Reports indicate that a coalition of groups has come together to plan and execute a strong presence and crackdown on what it believes may be acts of impaired driving. Throughout the holiday weekend there will be roving patrols and checkpoints set up designed to spot and arrest people for driving under the influence of alcohol. The location of checkpoints may be identified based upon data showing where agencies believe the greatest risk and potential for arrests might be.

The effort is a result of work by the state police, the state Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania DUI Association as well as police departments and other agencies in local cities. All of this means that drivers who are used to sharing a drink with friends and family at gatherings and then driving home may want to exercise greater caution this year.

After an arrest for drunk driving, people in Pennsylvania might want to consult with a lawyer to learn about their defense options.

Source:, “Law Enforcement to Conduct Roving DUI Patrols and Checkpoints Over Thanksgiving Weekend,” November 19, 2017