Pennsylvania residents who hear about the arrest of someone for suspected drug offenses might well wonder what type of evidence officers need to produce in order to support this type of criminal charge. Every situation involving an alleged drug crime is different and the specific evidence therefore may vary as well. However, that does not negate the need for prosecutors to have evidence to back up an arrest or request to keep a defendant in custody.

The defense team for one defendant from Penn Hills has argued against a judge’s order that one man be kept in jail while he awaits a potential trial saying that the prosecution lacks sufficient evidence in the case. The man is accused of being the leader of a major drug dealing scheme. It is reported that officers witnessed a vehicle drive to the defendant’s house. Inside the vehicle was found both cocaine and pot. The defendant is said to have been accepting the items to then sell them yet there is no information that indicates proof of this.

Media reports also explain that the man’s father is currently serving time in federal prison for a drug offense. Two people from Florida and one each from South Carolina and Georgia were also arrested in the current case.

When a person is arrested for a drug crime in Pennsylvania, talking with an attorney may help them understand the legalities involved including what type of evidence is required to support the case.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Judge orders detention of accused drug kingpin in SW Pa.,” Torsten Ove, November 7, 2017