Some people may think that driving without a license in Pennsylvania is not a big deal. However, this is illegal across the country and people may sometimes find themselves facing serious consequences.

According to FindLaw, people are not allowed to drive a car if their license has been either permanently revoked or suspended for a short time. It is also illegal to drive if a person never received a license. This offense is usually considered a misdemeanor and appears on a person’s criminal record. People are usually required to go to court and pay a fine. If someone has several instances of driving without a license on their record, this fee might be relatively high. This fee is generally smaller, though, if the incident is a person’s first offense.

People may wonder if someone is guilty of driving without a license if they accidentally left their license at home. In these circumstances, someone may be issued a citation for a mechanical violation. This means that people do not need to pay a fine after they demonstrate that they have a license. It is usually the driver’s responsibility to ensure that law enforcement sees the license so the ticket can be considered invalid.

In Pennsylvania, driving without a license is a summary offense. The National Conference of State Legislatures says that people are typically required to pay a $200 fine. They may also find that they face more time without their license. People who drove when their license was revoked may have this revocation increased by two years, while someone who drove on a suspended license may be subject to an additional year of suspension.