In some situations in Pennsylvania after a person is accused of one criminal offense involving another person, accusations may surface from other persons as well. This type of domino effect may understandably complicate matters for defendants and their family members

One man today who was in custody in South Carolina but expected to be returned to Indiana County in Pennsylvania is facing such a situation. He has recently been accused of raping a girl who was 17 years old. These allegations come on the heels of being charged with multiple offenses including sexual assault and homicide related to a college student. The defendant is 21 years old and was said to be dating the 20-year-old woman who was a student at the University of Pittsburgh. 

The minor was a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is said to have gone on a date with the defendant only days before the 20-year-old died. While driving, the man received a phone call and pulled over to take it. The girl reportedly left the vehicle and was later joined by the man who allegedly took her into the woods and raped her there. She reported the alleged incident after learning the man had been charged with the other woman’s death. No details are given as to the man’s plea or potential penalties in these cases.

When facing serious criminal charges, defendants in Pennsylvania may want to reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney to fully understand their defense options.

Source:, “New rape charges against man accused in murder of Pitt student, Alina Sheyket,” Megan Guza, October 19, 2017