Pennsylvania residents who are charged with criminal offenses should be able to trust that their rights will be protected just as much as the rights of those alleged to have been harmed. This is a basic tenet of our nation’s criminal justice system yet sometimes is hard for defendants to believe is possible. Media reports alone can make people feel that they are convicted before they are even fully tried.

Such may well be the case for one woman who now faces multiple felony charges related to a motor vehicle accident in which one person died and another person was injured. Reports have provided information about the fact that the defendant had two driving under the influence charges on her record before the night of the recent crash. The knowledge of this information may well impact people’s opinion of the defendant unfairly.

The woman was said to be under the influence of multiple prescription drugs. Family members indicated that the woman relies on prescription medications to treat Lyme disease. It is not known whether or not physicians or other medical professionals had told the woman that she should not drive while taking these drugs. She remains in custody and will be facing a charge of murder in the third degree along with other offenses.

After an arrest for serious charges in Pennsylvania, defendants might want to contact an attorney promptly to understand how best to approach their defense and protect their rights.

Source: WPVI-TV, “Woman faces murder charge in fatal Bucks Co. crash,” Trish Hartman, September 23, 2017