You and your spouse in Pennsylvania may be happily married and this may lead you to think that you have no need for any type of marital contract. While certainly it is positive that you feel your marriage is healthy today, it is also important that you know how to ensure that you are properly protected down the road. If you are considering quitting your job to stay home and raise your children, creating a postnuptial agreement may well be exactly what you need.

As the Daily Worth explains, statistics from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research shows that taking even only two years away from the workforce could lower a women’s earning potential by as much as 30 percent. Men feel the sting even more so as their earning potential can drop by up to 35 percent in the same timeframe. After only one year out of work, the reduction can be 20 percent for women and 23 percent for men.

This is not to say that parents should refrain from staying home to raise their kids but rather to prove the importance of finding ways to be protected financially in the event that they do ultimately get divorced, especially before they have returned to the workforce. A postnuptial agreement can help to provide this assurance.

If you would like to learn more about the situations that may necessitate a marital contract and how you can create a valid one, please feel free to visit the modern couple’s postnuptial agreement page of our Pennsylvania family law website.