The war on drunk driving is heating up in Pennsylvania it seems. While certainly the need to keep people safe is important and something nobody would disagree with, there is also the need to be fair to all parties. Now the state has stepped up its penalties for drivers convicted of some driving under the influence charges and the move is said to be in line with virtually every other state in the nation.

The state legislature passed the bill that the Governor signed that changes the penalties for drivers with first-time drunk driving convictions and blood alcohol content levels higher than 0.09 percent. Previously, these drivers were subject to the loss of driving privileges for 12 months. If they were convicted of a subsequent offense later on, they might have been required to install and use an ignition interlock device. Now, under the new law, they may have to use the IID after their first conviction.

The IID must be kept in the vehicle for 12 months at a minimum. Drivers must know that while they can have the ability to drive, they will be on the hook for all of the costs associated with installing and maintaining these systems. They will also have to take caution with what they eat, drink and even what oral hygiene products they use as these things may all inaccurately result in a failed test.

Pennsylvania residents charged with drunk driving might want to call an attorney before they make any decisions about how to proceed with their defense.

Source: PA Home Page, “New DUI law goes into effect in Pennsylvania,” Eric Deabill, August 25, 2017