During the Fourth of July holiday weekend Pennsylvania residents tend to hear a lot about the dangers of drinking and driving. This is with good intention, of course, yet during this time it is equally important for defendants to remember that they also have rights. After being arrested for and charged with any type of driving under the influence offense, learning the potential consequences is important.

In addition to the consequences, learning about the criminal justice system and process is also essential because even after an initial ruling, there may be other options for people to seek help. One man who was convicted for his role in a drunk driving accident that claimed the life of one woman in the spring of 2015 has learned this. His original sentence included that he spend 26 years in prison.

The defendant appealed that original ruling and asked a court in Pennsylvania to reduce the sentence to 13 years. A judge has recently ruled in favor of the original 26-year sentence and denied the request to reduce the prison term. It is unclear at this time what the next step for the defendant might be as this new ruling was very recent.

When it comes to working with the law and the criminal justice system, Pennsylvania residents might want to connect with an experienced attorney who can guide them through the sometimes complex processes.

Source: New York Post, “‘You cut her in half’: Judge won’t reduce prison time for driver in deadly DUI wreck,” Joshua Rhett Miller, June 30, 2017