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What is retail theft in Pennsylvania?

If you are like many Pennsylvania residents, when you think about shoplifting you might think about someone walking into a store, grabbing an item off of a shelf and leaving without paying for that item. While certainly this act may be alleged as shoplifting there are actually many other things that could result in you or someone else being accused of retail theft. 

What's a gross misdemeanor?

Pennsylvania residents who are charged with gross misdemeanors may be wondering if these differ at all from misdemeanor charges. Not many people know that these two different categories exist, but they both carry different types of repercussions with them and can impact you on different levels.

Justice Dept. moves to shore up testimony about forensic evidence

The Department of Justice announced recently that it has created an internal "forensic science working group" that will attempt to address some of the longstanding issues around forensic evidence techniques and how they are presented in court. Its main goals will be to create a uniform set of standards about what analysts can say in courtroom testimony about forensic science techniques, and to set up a monitoring program to ensure they comply.

Nation urged to address addiction with treatment, not penalty

Over the past 15 or 20 years, Pennsylvania residents have become aware of a growing problem facing not only their local communities but the nation as a whole. The dramatic entrance onto the market of opioid painkillers to help manage serious pain has contributed to a deadly legacy. These highly addictive drugs have led far too many people down a negative path that may include criminal charges, time in jail and even overdose.

The details of murder charges

Unlike a misdemeanor charge, which is minor in the United States, a felony is a much more serious matter. The felony murder rule in Pennsylvania is split into different categories, depending on the fault of the perpetrator. 

When should I have a QDRO?

If you are about to embark on a divorce in Pennsylvania or maybe have already gotten the process underway, you will no doubt quickly come upon many questions that need to be answered as you and your spouse work out the details of your divorce settlement. What will you do with your house? What happens to the timeshare? Will you split the assets in your 401K account?

The walk-and-turn field sobriety test

If you have ever heard about someone taking or failing a field sobriety test in Pennsylvania, you may well wonder exactly what these tests are like. As explained by, there are actually three standardized tests that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has approved for use by law enforcement officers.

Driver's appeal denied in fatal crash

During the Fourth of July holiday weekend Pennsylvania residents tend to hear a lot about the dangers of drinking and driving. This is with good intention, of course, yet during this time it is equally important for defendants to remember that they also have rights. After being arrested for and charged with any type of driving under the influence offense, learning the potential consequences is important.

Think carefully about your actions when you are "on paper"

People who are on probation or parole are often said to be "on paper" by people familiar with the criminal justice system. If you are on probation or parole, you must ensure that you are in full compliance with the program's requirements. If you violate the conditions of the program, you could face legal action for a probation or parole violation.

The eye tracking field sobriety test

After being stopped by a police officer, sheriff or even a state police officer you are asked to submit to certain tests because the officer believes you may be intoxicated, you should understand what these tests are and what they really look for. As explained by, none of the three standardized tests used in a drunk driving investigation can or are even designed to prove that you are intoxicated.

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