If you’re accused of theft it may not only surprise you but also insult you if you are innocent. While not everyone who defends him- or herself is innocent of the allegations, many people are.

How do people who are innocent get accused? Some may have borrowed an item on the wrong day, failed to return an item to their offices or even walked out of a store with an item because they were thinking about something else.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to defend yourself against theft allegations. You can argue that you’re innocent, claim intoxication or choose one of several other helpful defensive options.

1. I’m innocent!

If you are innocent, you may be able to prove it by showing that you aren’t carrying the item you’re accused of stealing. If you have an alibi or witness who can also argue on your behalf, that will help you make your case.

2. I was drunk!

You may be able to defend yourself against theft charges by proving that you were intoxicated at the time of the alleged theft. For example, if you’re accused of stealing someone’s phone, you could argue that you mistakenly took it thinking it was yours while you were intoxicated.

3. You set me up!

One other defense you can try is showing that the other party set you up. Known as entrapment, a situation like this happens when you commit a crime but were encouraged to do so by the person who wanted to prosecute you. For instance, if your friend encourages you to take an item that belongs to his or her mother and then calls the police on you for having that item, you may have been a victim of entrapment.

These are a few defensive options you may want to consider. A good defense will help to make sure you only face the penalties you deserve.