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Can an app really help me co-parent?

For people in Pennsylvania who get divorced while they have minor children still at home, one of the most angst-filled aspects of the experience is losing some time with their children. Closely aligned with that is the reality that somehow they have to figure out a way to work with their former spouse cooperatively to help raise their children. If you are in this situation you know this is not always an easy task. There is a reason you got divorced, after all, and the thought of working together is often the last thing you might want but you know you have to do it.

Understanding Pennsylvania’s child support formula

Many in Lancaster may hope their divorces signify the end of their association with their spouses. However, those relationships often never truly end give that they still may have to continue to work together on certain matters, particularly if they have children together. One matter that must be coordinated is the payment of child support. Even in cases where both parents share custody of the children, some degree of child support is likely to be ordered (the exception would be those rare cases where both parents make the same income and spend the same amount of time with their kids). The U.S. Census Bureau reports that as recently as 2013, $32.9 billion was owed in child support in the country. Those who are preparing to contribute to that amount may want to have firm understanding of how the state determines their obligation.

These DUI penalties can impact your life immediately

There are three levels of DUIs in Pennsylvania. The first level is general impairment, which is when a person has a blood alcohol concentration of .08 to .099 percent. The second level is a high BAC, which ranges between .10 and .159 percent. Finally, there is the highest BAC, which is .16 percent or higher.

Possession of marijuana can still lead to jail time

With the current and growing acceptance of the use of marijuana for recreational as well as medicinal use in states across the country, Pennsylvanians should know that the criminal penalties still exist. Although possession of an illegal drug is typically considered far less onerous a crime than an act amounting to drug trafficking, sentencing rules do provide for prison time.

Understanding the walk-and-turn test

Most Pennsylvania residents have heard about field sobriety tests. However, how well do you really know what these are, how they are administered and what they are actually for? FieldSobrietyTests.org explains that while some people may think that these tests are used to prove that you are intoxicated, that is not true. The point of field sobriety tests is simply to collect enough evidence to support the fact that you might be intoxicated. Based upon this, a law enforcement officer may then be able to legally arrest you. 

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