Pennsylvania residents have been watching other states over the past several years as some have elected to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Certainly this is not yet the common practice in the majority of states but what started in Colorado and Washington has grown beyond that. It is only logical that the discussion about legalized pot should arise in other states as well.

Recently, Pennsylvania created new laws that made it legal for people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. The scope of the law is limited and clearly calls out 17 different medical conditions that qualify for the legal use of the drug. It is unknown how many people to date have taken advantage of this new law.

A state lawmaker has now introduced an effort to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Interestingly enough, his primary reason for doing so is not social but financial. Pointing to serious budgetary issues within the state, the representative asserts that the sale of pot could generate essential tax dollars that would benefit the state budget. Noting that sometimes the costs associated with managing things can negate the benefit, he is calling for all pot sales to take place in liquor stores. Since these stores are already managed by the state, it would be a logical addition that should not require an excessive amount of funding.

As residents in Pennsylvania watch the progress of the new bill, it should be remembered that pot remains illegal except for the designated medical reasons. People who have questions about the state’s pot laws and penalties may want to talk with an attorney.

Source: Philly Voice, “Philly lawmaker begins push to legalize recreational marijuana in Pa.,” Daniel Craig, June 15, 2016