Are you one of the people in Pennsylvania who has been convicted of a drunk driving offense? If so, you should know that you are not alone. All too many highly responsible people have faced the effects of DUIs. While you, your friends and your family may know that you are a professional, honest, intelligent and reliable person, how can you make sure that a potential employer sees that rather than a criminal conviction when looking at your background check?

Forbes acknowledges that while a criminal record may hinder job-seeking opportunities, it does not need to slam the door on all of them. Even in today’s highly competitive job marketplace, there are things you can do to keep you in the running for the job you want and deserve. One of these things is to be proactively honest about your past. Once you have made it passed the interview phase and know that an employer is interested in hiring you, it is time to speak up.

Before approving your background check, tell the recruiter or hiring manager about your DUI. Make sure to take responsibility for your actions rather than to make excuses for yourself and to explain how and what you have learned from the experience. Be clear that you have not repeated the same actions and have no intention of doing so again. This type of forthrightness can go a long way in a job hiring situation and avoid a surprise from a background check.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information about restoring your life and job opportunities after a drunk driving offense in Pennsylvania.