Pennsylvania residents who have been arrested and charged with drug crimes can be subject to serious penalties if they are convicted. However, it is always important for people in this type of situation to remember that they are guaranteed the right to a criminal defense. Just because they have been arrested does not mean that they will ultimately be found guilty.

Four people are facing this exact situation now. One of the defendants worked at the post office in Oroville. The woman is the mother of one of the men arrested in the case. A third person who has been arrested is married to the woman’s daughter and had been a deputy sheriff in Yuba County, California. Overall, the group of four are accused of 19 different charges involves the growth and transportation of pot from California to various locations in Pennsylvania. The activity is said to have taken place over the course of roughly 15 months, beginning in the fall of 2014.

Accusations against the post office worker put forth the idea that she contributed to the shipping of large amounts of marijuana to and from the site at which she worked. The former officer and two other men reportedly left California in late December and were apprehended with large quantities of pot in Pennsylvania.

Every little detail in a drug case can make a difference in the outcome. For this reason, people who have been arrested on such charges might find it helpful to talk with an attorney.

Source: The Evening Sun, “Former drug cop indicted in Pa. pot bust,” Nicole Chynoweth, March 25, 2016