Immunity for individuals who call in drug overdose can also cover the individual who overdoses:

Pa Sate Senators unanimously passed a bill to offer immunity to drug users who call 911 when someone is having an overdose.  

The Pa. Senate voted 50-0 to pass Senate Bill 1164, known as a “Good Samaritan drug overdose law.”

The bill, would amend the state’s controlled substance law, to offer drug users immunity from prosecution for certain drug crimes when they called for help when a person they are with experiences a drug overdose.  To receive immunity, a person must call 911, give authorities identifying information about themselves and stay with the overdosing person until help arrives.  the bill’s writers say the law is written in a way that would ensure drug dealers would not be given immunity.

The Good Samaritan law passed the Pa. House and is now law.  

Attorney Marinaro has successfully represented several defendant’s that overdosed on heroin in public venues.  In those cases, the client’s possessed heroin and needles; all were charged by arresting authorities.  Based on the foregoing new legislation, Attorney Marinaro had all cases withdrawn at the Preliminary Hearing.