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Oroville post office worker one of four facing drug charges

Pennsylvania residents who have been arrested and charged with drug crimes can be subject to serious penalties if they are convicted. However, it is always important for people in this type of situation to remember that they are guaranteed the right to a criminal defense. Just because they have been arrested does not mean that they will ultimately be found guilty.

PA House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 3 with a vote of 149 to 43, which would legalize MEDICAL MARIJUANA in Pennsylvania. Representative Sims argued that "no metric to measure the smile on a child's face when they can go a day without a seizure."  Representative Matt Baker was one of the minority in opposition of the bill stated, "I can not remember the last time a body voted on a bill in direct violation of Federal Law."  

DUI penalties for first offenses in Pennsylvania

Have you been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Pennsylvania? If so, is the arrest your first-ever DUI charge or have you been convicted of previous impaired driving offenses? Certainly if you find yourself in this position, regardless of whether or not this is your first offense, you will want to educate yourself about the potential penalties and how the state grades different classes of DUI offenses.


In a custody proceeding, the role of the court is to determine the "best interests of the child."  The court will consider the child's physical, educational, spiritual and emotional needs, as well as the parents' fitness and parenting skills, the child's physical, intellectual and emotional development, the child's preference, the location and attributes of each parent's home, the qualities of the different school systems, neighbourhoods and facilities where each person resides, and other factors that affect the "best interests" and "welfare of the child."

New Pennsylvania law allows some criminal records to be sealed

On February 16, Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf signed a bill into law that would allow certain non-violent criminal records to be sealed after 10 years for individuals who have performed their sentences and not been re-arrested. Trespassing, vandalism and shoplifting, for example, would be some of the non-violent offenses that would be sealed under this new law. 

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