Mandatory Minimum Sentences are deeded unconstitutional by the Pennsylvania Superior Court:  August of 2014, the Superior Court released an opinion in Commonwealth vs. Newman, that directed the courts not to impose mandatory minimum sentences as provided by Section 9712.1.  In Newman the Defendant went to trial and a jury found him guilty of PWID, among other crimes. The prosecution filed a Notice of Intent to Seek the Mandatory Sentence under Pennsylvania gun & drug law, 42 Pa. C.S. 9712.1, which means a mandatory 5 to 10 years for a person in possession of firearm and drugs.  Defendant appealed the case and the mandatory sentence was deemed unconstitutional.  His sentence was overturned.  

If you are facing a criminal charge with potential mandatory minimum sentences then this decision will most likely reduce the sentence significantly.  For outstanding representation, if you are facing drug and gun charges contact Marinaro Law Firm, at 1(717) 397-7055.