WHITE COLLAR CRIMES INCLUDE IDENTITY THEFT:  Identity theft in Pennsylvania is a crime that is growing. The court does not take identity theft lightly and those who are charged face serious jail time and significant fines.  We live in an age of much technology and identity theft is everywhere. Hackers are gaining knowledge on how to steal one’s identity and money. Most people guilty of identity theft commit the crime by stealing money from bank accounts, open credit cards in another name, or make online purchases. The police will charge a defendant for each specific transaction. For example, if a defendant makes 20 unauthorized purchases with a victim’s credit card, the court may consider you a felon 20 times.  


•   Less than $2,000 is a M-1, Max 5 years in jail, with a Max fine of $10,000.

•   Greater than $2,000 is a F-3, Max 7 years in jail, with a Max fine of $15,000.

•   Third and subsequent convictions are F-2, Max of 10 years in jail, with a Max fine of $25,000.

•   If the criminal act is committed against a person 60 years or older, the grading increases from a M-1 to F-3; an F-2 becomes a F-1, which carries a Max of 20 years in jail, with a Max fine of $25,000.

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