Pennsylvania’s Criminal Statutes Relating to Theft

The term “theft” includes a broad range of criminal offenses such as:  Burglary, Robbery, Larceny, Shoplifting/Retail Theft, Petty Theft, Auto Theft, Embezzlement, Theft by Deception, Identity Theft, Access Device Fraud, Fraud, Looting, Receiving Stolen Property.

Penalties for these offenses are serious, and scaled according to the totality of the circumstances.  If convicted, you could face incarceration, probation, fines, loss of employment opportunities and other consequences.  Marinaro Law Firm defense team can help defend you against the criminal charges being lodged against you, explain your rights and protect your interests.

In Pennsylvania, aggravating and mitigating factors affect how theft crimes are charged.  factors that influence the affiant’s charging decision include: (1) the dollar value of the property stolen;  (2) the use of a weapon during the commission of the crime;  (3) the defendant’s criminal record;  (4) the evidence obtained to prosecute the case.

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