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Drug Crimes in Pennsylvania: What is Drug Trafficking?

Drug Crimes in Pennsylvania:  What is Drug Trafficking?  The only thing that separates a simple possession charge from a drug trafficking charge is the number of drugs seized from your home, vehicle or person.  if you possess more of a drug that you could reasonably use yourself, it is assumed that you probably will sell the drug to dealers who will distribute them to users.  If you are convicted of drug trafficking, you will likely face a mandatory minimum jail sentence and fines that may cause much hardship to you and your family.  You need a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania drug trafficking defense attorney that is experienced with an outstanding track record of success to help you defend your rights and protect your interests.

A.R.D. = Alternative Rehabilitative Disposition. What is ARD?

What is ARD?  In Pennsylvania, there is a program titled Alternative Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD).  This excellent program is used when it comes to criminal offenses that are considered minor.  For example, a defendant charged with a first DUI offense may be placed into this ARD program if the District Attorney's Office chooses to do so.  The program involves being put on a probationary sentence with strict conditions.  This program may include any of the following:

Spousal Support, Alimony Pendente Lite and Alimony. The differences - Who pays, how is it calculated.

Spousal Support; Alimony Pendente Lite; and Alimony:

Aggravated and Simple Assault Defenses

Aggravated and Simple Assault Defenses:  The defenses available in assault cases vary depending upon the facts and circumstances, mainly because the cases can range from straightforward to the very complex.  The following are some possible defenses to assault charges:

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