Building a DUI Defense:   A driving under the influence (DUI) does not mean the end of your life or your career.  Immediately following your arrest, contact our office to learn about avoiding a DUI conviction or reduce the charges.  We shall obtain all the pertinent facts involving probable cause, etc.  Due to the harsh penalties you need competent, aggressive representation; call: 866-614-6520.

Penalties for Pennsylvania DUI First Offense:   The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania applies multi-tiered penalty structure for DUI offenses.

Tier 1:  General Impairment:  BAC = 0.08 to 0.099%; incapable of safe driving; no damage or property damage:  Imprisonment:  Up to 6 months incarceration; License Suspension – none;  Fine:  $300.00

Tier 2:  High Rate:  BAC = 0.10 to 0.159%;  Minor BAC = 0.02 to .159%, general impairment BAC with an accident;  School bus driver BAC = 0.02 to 0.159%; Commercial Vehicle Driver BAC = 0.04 to 0.159%:  Imprisonment:  2 days to 6 months;  License Suspension: 12 months; Fine:  $500 to $5,000

Tier 3:  Highest Rate:  BAC = 0.16% or greater, refusal of chemical test, controlled substance DUI;  Imprisonment:  3 days to 6 months;  License Suspension: 12 months;  Fine:  $1,000 to $5,000

Call my office to discuss the much more sever penalties for 2nd, 3rd, and subsequent DUI offenses within a 10 year look back period.

As you can see, the penalties for even a 1st DUI crime can be damaging.  Do not take the charge lightly.  Call us immediately at 866-614-6520 to protect your constitutional rights regarding DUI crimes.